SAIC Solidarity

Update August 9th, 8:00 PM

After they sent a letter from SAIC's Native American Student Association demanding a new name for the school's Columbus building, Elissa Tenny canceled her participation in meeting with SAIC Solidarity for August 10th, 2020.

Despite having initially asked for results-based meetings, it has been over 30 days with no response from leadership.

Elissa received the following e-mail from the delegates on August 9, 2020:

View copies of the spreadsheets here:

Student Delegate SpreadsheetStaff Delegate Spreadsheet

Read direct calls to action from the SAIC community including students and Admissions counselors on this page. If you or your department would like to add your own open letter, please email

Black Faculty, Alumni, and Community Supporters LetterStudent LetterStaff Letter
If you are a current student, faculty, staff, alumni, or supporter, please stand with us in solidarity by filling out the form below and we will add you to the list.

742 Signatures

  1. Jackson Moore, Associate Director of International Admissions

  2. Jonathan Korotko, Assistant Director of On Campus Admissions (MFA Printmedia 2019)

  3. Claire Spaulding, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions (BFA/BAVCS 2018)

  4. Kaycee Filson, Assistant Director of On Campus Admissions

  5. Anita Bhardwaj, Assistant Director of International Admissions (BFA 2016)

  6. Kate Perryman, Assistant Director of International Admissions

  7. Sheika Lugtu, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions (BFA/BAVCS 2017)

  8. Travis Tiblier, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions (BFA 2014)

  9. Sioban Nora Lombardi, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

  10. Rachel Dorsey, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions (BFA 2014)

  11. Maribel Ang,Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions (BFA 2018)

  12. Ellen Grimes, Tenured Professor in AIADO

  13. Chanon Kenji Praepipatmongkol

  14. Denise Perez Lopez, Associate Director of Marketing and Operations

  15. Beth Hetland, Associate Professor, Adjunct, BFA 2009

  16. Kirsten Miranda, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2014

  17. Adam Torres, Assistant Director, Registration & Records

  18. Johanna Tesfaye, Current graduate student

  19. Leah Amaral, SAIC alumni, MAATC 2019

  20. Rana Siegel, Senior Administrative Director; SAIC MFA Alumni 2008

  21. Thomas Huston, Current candidate MA Visual and Critical Studies; MFA Printmedia, 2016

  22. Anna Olson, Current graduate student

  23. Kathia Muniz-Rios, Alumni MFA Fiber 2018

  24. Sanya Jaffer, Third Year Grad Student in the Masters of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling program (MAATC)

  25. Yeon Kyung Cha, Alumni of SAIC

  26. Noah Howell, Current undergraduate student

  27. Tia Baldwin, Chicago community member

  28. Winnie Wong, Current graduate student MA Art Therapy and Counseling

  29. Sarah Weiner, Supporter, student at Pratt Institute

  30. Dove ER, BFA 2020 Alum & past curatorial staff at Sullivan Galleries

  31. Katie C. Doyle, Alumni - Ceramics MFA 2016

  32. Simone Viteri, Former student, SAIC at Homan + Free Radio SAIC student worker

  33. Milo Christie, Current undergrad student

  34. Fiona Duffy, Current undergrad student

  35. Taylor Romer, fiancè and friends attended

  36. Adam Mac, current Undergraduate student, student worker

  37. Hanna Field, Student Worker, current student

  38. Rula Zuhour, Alumna, Master of Architecture 2020

  39. Raven Mo, Current undergrad VISCOM student

  40. Jenna Boyles, Alumni, Lecturer Art & Technology Studies

  41. Sydney Anderson, MAAE graduate candidate and TA

  42. Daniel Jimenez Quiroz, Alumni - Arts Administration MA 2020 and Graduate Student Senate member (2019-2020)

  43. Isella Sandoval, Assistant to the VP of Enrollment & Marketing

  44. Boomer Scripps, Current undergraduate student

  45. Nadia Frierson, Admissions Student Ambassador Coordinator, B.F.A. 2020 Fiber & Material Studies

  46. Janette Torres, Current undergrad student, Current CDFS student worker

  47. Sherman White, Current undergrad. Student Worker

  48. Nattawan Prasingchob, VisCom BFA 2021, current student worker

  49. Pete Oyler, Assistant Professor, Designed Objects

  50. Jessica Cevallos, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2019

  51. Jackie Patino, Current Undergraduate Student, Admissions Office worker

  52. José Carlos Peña, SAIC Alumni (BFA 2020)

  53. Karin Kuroda, SAIC Alumni, BFA / BAVCS 2013

  54. Caroline Feyling, Current FMS undergrad in final semester

  55. Adam Liam Rose, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2012

  56. Alex Bortell, Current undergrad student

  57. Elijah Spiegel, SAIC BFA graduate

  58. Lisa Gaedike, Current student/ Student worker

  59. Zachary Binroth, SAIC Alumni (BFA 2019)

  60. Anika Jeyaranjan, Current undergraduate student

  61. Jeremy Morlock, Ally and partner attends school

  62. Michael Taylor Orr, current undergraduate student I 162 OA

  63. Nidhi Shenoy, Current BFA undergrad student

  64. Jes Standefer, Fmr Special Projects and Events Manager & BFA Alumni 2010

  65. james oh, alumni, BFA 2015

  66. Hannah Masters, 2020 bfa missing 1.6 credits due to

  67. Em Davenport, Admissions Student Ambassador and Coordinator, BFA 2021

  68. Reilly Slavin, current BFA Undergrad

  69. Leigh, Student Affairs Coordinator and previously worked at the Museum Gift Shop

  70. Casado Hernandez, Veronica, Lecturer & Low Res MFA 2016 alumna

  71. Valentina Pucarelli, International undergraduate student, student worker

  72. Ilan Gutin, Former graduate student, staff, and instructor.

  73. Ty Springer, Current undergraduate student

  74. Devon Warner, Current undergraduate student

  75. Audrey Sheldon, BFA 2022, Student Worker

  76. Lisa Vinebaum, Associate Professor and Chair, Fiber and Material Studies

  77. Sam Hoffman, Current Undergraduate Student, Student Worker

  78. Erica Ousley, SAIC grad, BFA 2020

  79. Steven Hou, current undergraduate, student worker

  80. Ashley Peresie, Current undergrad student, student worker

  81. Emma Garthwaite, Current BFA undergrad

  82. Duncan Chetrafilov, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2020

  83. Aidan Bryant, BFA 2022, Photo and Film departments

  84. Gia Berrios, MAATC 2020 Graduate Studen, Alumni

  85. Rebecca Mosena, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

  86. Kaori Ikeda, BFA 2011, MAAT 2014

  87. Andrew Basinski, Current undergrad student

  88. Sarah Eaton, MFAW 2001

  89. Vince Dang, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2018

  90. Dalton Carter, SAIC Alumni; MFA 2017

  91. Jessica Campbell, Instructor and alumna

  92. Iris Stratman, Current undergraduate student

  93. Caitlin Schriner, BFAW 2010

  94. Solomon Moore, Alumni MFA PTDW 2018

  95. Fran Pleines, Director of Admissions

  96. Sandra Perryman, Supporter, listen and learn.

  97. Ishani Synghal, Second Year Masters in Fine Arts in Writing Graduate Student

  98. matt morris, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Graduate Division

  99. Jessica Delli Carpini, Current undergraduate student

  100. Margaret Bauer, Supporter, SAIC Summer Camp 2015

  101. Nicholas Zepeda, Admissions Student Ambassador and Coordinator, BFA 2021, Chicago Scholar

  102. Jb Fry, GSFC Staff, BFA 2019

  103. Anneli Goeller, Lecturer, Film, Video, New Media, Animation (MFA FVNMA 2019)

  104. Jaime Powell, Current graduate student, MAATC

  105. Lauren Thesing, Current undergraduate student

  106. Leo Smith, Managing Editor, F Newsmagazine, BFA 2021

  107. Alyse Ruriani, MA in Art Therapy & Counseling 2020 graduate, Alumni

  108. Nia Easley, Interim-Administrative Director, MFA (2018)

  109. María Jesús Amo Soria, Current student (BFA 2021) + student worker in admissions and sculpture dept

  110. Hope Esser, Associate Professor, Adjunct; MFA Performance 2012

  111. Michelle Weidman, 2013 MA in Visual and Critical Studies

  112. Dylan Cale Jones, Instructional Facilities Manager, SAIC

  113. Jacquelyn Schuh, Supporter of this and all Kate Perryman is doing to bring change!

  114. Katherine Pitré, Current student, 2021 BAVCS, Freelance Writer, FNews Magazine

  115. Emma Kassel, Current undergraduate student

  116. Noelle Rose, Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions/MFAW 2013

  117. Brett Swinney, SAIC Alumni, MAAAP 2014

  118. Callum Ethlain Tuthill, Former SAIC BFW major and Photo Annex student worker

  119. Elton Amadou-Connell, Current BFAW undergrad

  120. Ilona Gaynor, Assistant Prof, Designed Objects

  121. DePaul Campaign NonViolence, N/A | DePaul University Organization

  122. Angela Xu, SAIC Alumna; BFA 2018

  123. Bill Green, MFAW alumni 2010

  124. Clayton Phillips, Current student, BFA 2021, Admissions Student Ambassador and Coordinator, Student Programming Board member, First-Year Scholar

  125. Samantha Doerge, SAIC Alumni (class of 2013)

  126. Estrella Esquilin, Supporter. Artist and arts administrator of color.

  127. Nathan Thorson, Undergraduate class of 2022, Admissions ambassador

  128. Justine Guzman, Current Undergraduate Student/ Student Worker at Gene Siskel Film Center

  129. Aaliyah Cruz, I’m a supporter

  130. Hava Liebowitz, alumni, BFA candidate 2017 - 2020

  131. Andy Lattimer, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2020

  132. Fernanda Pacheco Olguín, Admissions Student Ambassador, Residence Life Senior Resident Advisor, BFA 2021

  133. Allie Drew Caesar, SAIC alumni, (2013) BFA, cartoonist, jewelry designer

  134. Nico Michael, Current Undergraduate, BFA ‘20

  135. Ramsey Bell, Friend and family association. Community member

  136. Keish Lozano, MAATC 2nd year student

  137. Birdie Brachbill, Student Ambassador, BFA 2022

  138. Chess Hendrich, Current BFAAE student

  139. Jason Dunda, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Contemporary Practices

  140. Turnip Van Dyke, Former Staff, Academic Advising

  141. Evan Fusco, Alumni (MFA Fiber and Material Studies)

  142. Simone Toulon, As a paying member of your institution, it is clear to me that diversity is lacking in nearly all of your departments - including SAIC, human resources/hiring practices, and artists who are featured/exhibited. I cannot remain a member in good standing if only superficial/performative gestures beyond a workshop or two, or a token administrative hire. Change must be substantive - and sustained.

  143. Katie Bourgeois, Mailroom Technician (BFA 2017)

  144. Rose Okamura, Current undergrad student

  145. Jasmine Zeki, My step-sister attends SAIC

  146. Barbara M. Jackson, I have a daughter who works at SAIC and I am a supporter.

  147. Sam Smith, SAIC Alumni, Former SAIC Admission’s Coordinator (BFAAE 2020)

  148. Milica Zekic, Current undergraduate student

  149. Mariko Dowling, friend of SAIC students

  150. Alexis Judeh, Solidarity from DePaul SJP

  151. Sacha Lusk, SAIC alum, BFA 2019

  152. Christian Stone, Current BFA undergraduate student

  153. Rebecca Tanda, MFA Printmedia 2019

  154. Eric J. Garcia, SAIC alumni, MFA 2009

  155. Mead Thorpe, Undergraduate in the Writing Department

  156. Storm Butti, Current student, BFA 2023

  157. Brianna Burke, Current graduate student

  158. Savannah Bell, Current undergrad student

  159. Jenny Huang, Current student (BFA 2021) SRA and Student Ambassador

  160. Sarah Weber, Alumni (BFA + MA), former staff.

  161. Kirsten Donovan, SAIC Alum, BFA 2019, Former Student Worker, Affinity Group Leader

  162. Ananya Thakur, Current undergrad student

  163. Sterling Lawrence, Associate Professor, Adjunct Printmedia

  164. Yolanda Xique Grajeda, Former staff member in Admissions.

  165. Sydney Macias, Current Undergrad student, current Student Worker

  166. Audrey Nguyen, Current undergrad student and student worker

  167. M Kellman, Alum (BFA) and former Exhibitions employee

  168. Evan Ling, Former student (2018-2020)

  169. Ashley Niedermier, Alumni and former student ambassador + independent contractor for undergraduate admissions

  170. Lily Schumacher, Student worker, current undergrad student

  171. Goldie Schmiedeler, BFA fashion 2022

  172. Maddy olson, alumni, BFA 2019

  173. Jeremy Wong, current SAIC undergrad

  174. Kekeli Sumah, BFA 2014, BAVCS 2014, M.Arch 2019

  175. Mo Nichols, Current undergrad (bfaae)

  176. Lauren Hough, Current Undergraduate Fiber Department

  177. Grant Karpin, Current undergraduate student

  178. Lily Homet, Current graduate student

  179. Summer Tribble, Current undergraduate FVNMA student

  180. Elle MacMurray, Current graduate student

  181. Nick Schutzenhofer, mfa ‘14, current lecturer

  182. Stephanie Lin-Sumah, Academic Advising, Part-Time Lecturer

  183. Teena McClelland, Senior Administrative Director Liberal Arts & VCS; (MFA PTDW 2005)

  184. Carol Jackson, MFA Fiber 1992Former instructor

  185. Claire Sullivan, SAIC alumni - BFA 2016

  186. jσhn tuanqui, for love & justice

  187. Jack Geyer, SAIC Alum (BFA 2018), Former FMS Student Worker

  188. Chauncy Z Marlowe, Saic Alumni, BFA 2016

  189. David Roy, Current undergraduate student

  190. David Flores, latinx student class of 2023

  191. Esraa Youssef, Current BFA undergraduate. Student worker

  192. Óscar González Díaz, Alumni, fiber & material studies 2017

  193. Sydnie Miller, SAIC Alumna, class of 2017

  194. Doug Hatano, alumni PB fibers 2020

  195. Anushka Agarwal, Student worker, current undergraduate student

  196. Simone Thompkins, SAIC Alum, MA in New Arts Journalism

  197. Wei Hsinyen, SAIC alumni, MFA 2014

  198. Meli Nava, Class of 2020 - Alum

  199. Bennett Hixson, former student, friend to many current students

  200. Zola Rollins, Current undergraduate student

  201. Christina Dougherty, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2012

  202. Angelica Ong, Current SAIC undergraduate, (supposed) class of 2023

  203. Mec Copeland, Current undergraduate student

  204. Dena Springer, SAIC alumni, BFA 2016

  205. Kayla Antonevich, current undergraduate student/student worker

  206. Macie, SAIC alumni, BFA in Fashion Design, May 2012

  207. Kathleen McGrath, Senior Administrative Director (MA in Arts Admin & Policy 2005)

  208. Beck Kramer, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2004

  209. Zeinab Ajasa, Current Undergraduate Student. Media Center Student Worker

  210. Loren West, SAIC undergrad, student worker

  211. Avery Williams, Hi, I'm one of the few black female ATS students at saic. Everything that's happened has been so horrible, so if you have any info about the diversity, equity and inclusion team at saic, I'd love to help in anyway I can to make things a lil better

  212. Laura K, Undergrad graduate 2019

  213. Erica, 2014-2020. BFA GRADUATE: Fashion and Fiber Dept.

  214. Patricia Hetland, Parent of student and staff

  215. Liz Morris, SAIC Alum, current staff member

  216. Thomas Feltenberger, Friend to many who attended

  217. Jamie Holeman, Former staff (Data and Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Advancement)

  218. María Fernanda Hernández Tort, BFA student (2020), Admissions Worker

  219. Navam Narula, Friend of SAIC student

  220. Amelia Charter, SAIC Alumni MFA 2014

  221. Frank Peralta, Current undergrad and student worker

  222. Trent Norris, Supporter of many SAIC students

  223. Charlie Penn, Friend of current SAIC undergraduate student

  224. Sheri Barrera-Disler, SAIC student parent and person financing the student’s education.

  225. Kate F, Current BFA student

  226. Connor Fenwick, SAIC Alumni (BFA 2020), Former RA and Marketing & Communications Photographer

  227. Jake Vogds, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2015

  228. Inayah Sherry, MA in Art Therapy Student

  229. T Chen, Facilities Manager for Sullivan and Residence Halls & former SAIC student (no degree)

  230. Robert Chase Heishman, Faculty (adjunct), Photography Dept.

  231. Yajurvi Haritwal, Current undergraduate student

  232. arica kincheloe, Friend and supporter of SAIC students

  233. Alan Perry, Adjunct Lecturer (MFA Art & Tech Studies 2019)

  234. Skye Rust, Art Institute Member, Higher Ed Colleague, Solidarity Supporter.

  235. Han Joyce, SAIC Alumni BFA 2020

  236. Eileen Billings, Undergraduate student (BFA 22), Student ambassador.

  237. Ross Meckfessel, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2011

  238. Terri Griffith, Liberal Arts Assistant Professor, Adj.

  239. Brandon Brueschke, Current Undergraduate Student, Student Worker

  240. Alice yettie Kim, SAIC 2014 Alumni, BIA, AIADO Department

  241. Noël Marie Baird, Alumni, BFA Visual Communication 2018

  242. Laura Nevins, MA 2013, Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism

  243. Lauren Steinberg, Assistant Director at Sullivan Galleries

  244. Sun Kawazoe, Former student affairs staff member, alumni (BFA 2018)

  245. Beatriz De Pirro, Current undergraduate student.

  246. Amanda Heldenbrand, Art Therapy student, BFA 2021, current student worker (Orientation Leader & CAAP Mentor)

  247. Patti Swanson, BFA '15, Former Student Ambassador, Alumni Ambassador Admissions

  248. Lauren Scheide, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2020

  249. Liam Coerr, Current undergraduate student

  250. Rose Cunningham, Current Student

  251. Maria Avila Risolute, Alumni

  252. Julienne Gerner, Student

  253. Victoria Nelson, Alumni; BFA 2017

  254. Alexes Sanabria, Current graduate student

  255. Cameron Feeley, Current Student

  256. Mia Weiner, MFA 2020, Fiber and Material Studies

  257. Arturo Chang, Lecturer

  258. Anne Nepokroeff, Senior Administrative Director

  259. Spencer Diedrick, Supporter

  260. Abigail McDonald, MFAW 2nd year

  261. levi dematteo, alum

  262. Robert Paul Marshall, dismayed community member

  263. Sammi Whitlock, Undergrad, Student Worker

  264. Kieran, Supporter

  265. Maria Hodermarska, NYU School if Culture, Education and Human Development

  266. B. Ingrid Olson, Alumni (BFA 2010), and former employee

  267. Annalise Copenhaver, Alumni (BFA 2017)

  268. Nicholas Hayes, and I am an SAIC Alumnus (MFA, 2005)

  269. Maura Frana, Assistant Professor, Graduate Coordinator, Visual Communication Design

  270. Reed McCants-Green, Incoming Freshman

  271. Stephanie Sims, BFA 2015

  272. Kathy Cho, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2012

  273. Carrie Ruckel, Manager of Student Media & Training on Advanced Equipment/Advisor of ExTV & Free Radio

  274. Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez, BFA 2009, Adjunct Lecturer - FVNMA

  275. Marguerite Carrithers, Student

  276. Serena Worthington, MAAT 2002

  277. Sophie Pomrehn, Family member works at SAIC, I am a supporter

  278. Maliea Croy, Alum

  279. David Ressman, Prospective Student

  280. Russell Dahlman, Chicago community member

  281. Brinley Dezember, Current Undergrad Student

  282. Ava, Student

  283. Olivia Comai, BFA 2021, student worker

  284. Dylan Sell, Alumni

  285. Kendall Wrightson, Instructional shop supervisor (MFA 2018)

  286. Thomas Comerford, Associate Professor, Adjunct

  287. Quinn, Student

  288. Kathleen Michel Kivarkis, Assistant Director of Campus Life

  289. Devon Sisunik, Current undergraduate student

  290. Joel Dean, Alumni

  291. Apoorva Changedia, BFA 2019

  292. Jeanette Wells, Current Student, BFA 2021

  293. Erik Cameron, Supporter!

  294. Ketaki Kulkarni, Current undergraduate student

  295. Andi Lu, Alumni

  296. Wayne P. Tate Jr., BFA Alumni

  297. Maria Kopydlowski, SAIC parent

  298. Gustavo Gonzalez, SAIC Alumni

  299. Ansel Arnold, Saic alumni, BFA 2017, former staff member

  300. Idil Duman, International undergrad, student worker

  1. Sara Kelly, Current student

  2. Melody Williams, BFA & MAAE programs, former staff

  3. Rebecca Levitan, current BFA-AE student

  4. molly grace dickson, class of 2020

  5. Jonathan Solomon, Associate Professor

  6. ev booth, alumni

  7. Hannah Bassewitz, SAIC Alumni (BFA 2020)

  8. Becca Hong, Current Student

  9. Stacia Yeapanis, Alum and Adjunct Associate Professor, FMS

  10. Heather V Cramond, MFW 2004

  11. Carrie Ruckel, Manager of Student Media & Training , Staff Advisor - ExTV & Free Radio, Instructional Resources & Facilities Management - IRFM

  12. Heather Cramond, alumni

  13. Jose Santiago Perez, Lecturer, Fiber and Material Studies; alumni, MFA 2015

  14. Erika Ray, Post Baccalaureate Fiber & Material Studies

  15. Kasia Manolas

  16. Raeleen Kao, I stand in solidarity with the students and faculty exploited and robbed by SAIC

  17. Kathryn Pritchard, Alum

  18. John Paul Morabito, Assistant Professor, Adj. Fiber and Material Studies

  19. Meryl Bennett, SAIC alumni, BFA 2011

  20. Madison Partington, Former Student

  21. Damien Zafian, Current Student

  22. Ashley Massey, Current undergraduate student

  23. Tess Davey, Current BFA student

  24. Alexa Pacheco Olguín, Sibling to an SAIC current student

  25. Kaitlin Smrcina, Alumni, BFA 2016

  26. Emily Sanders, Student/resident advisor

  27. Korey Martin, BFA undergraduate class of 21

  28. David Norris, Academic Advising

  29. Duangchai(Dash) Kaur Swani, SAIC Alumni, BFA, 2016

  30. Laetitia Auguste, I'm an alumna (Viscom 2019) and former resident Advisor

  31. Toni Ivory, Current Student

  32. Jackie Andres, current undergrad

  33. Elsa Haarstad, BFA 2015, incoming graduate

  34. Kat Zagaria, MA 2017

  35. Korey Martin, Undergrad BFA

  36. Asia Rabago, current undergraduate student

  37. Lizzie Goldman, Current undergraduate and student worker.

  38. Joanna Erenberg, prospective student

  39. Evan Graham, Alumni MA VCS

  40. Nina Schneider, Current undergraduate student

  41. Charley Neisner, Current undergrad student

  42. Heeju Kang, Alumni

  43. Rosie Accola, SAIC BFAW '18 Entertainment Editor F News 2015-2018

  44. William Nash, AIADO (BFA INARCH 2017)

  45. Carneice Colvin, Current undergrad student

  46. Carolina Banos, current Undergraduate International Student

  47. Jeanette Rodriguez, Alumni, BFA 2019

  48. Crystal Drake, Alumni Art Therapy 2018

  49. Will Porter, Facilities Manager

  50. Jade Yumang, Assistant Professor, Fiber and Material Studies

  51. Samantha Lee, Student

  52. Kahlil Irving, Applicant for BFA and MFA, but was profiled both times and racially discriminated against by admissions counselors past and currently still working for the school.

  53. Greg Ruffing, Alumni, dual-degree MFA 2016 and MA Visual & Critical Studies 2017

  54. Freddie Lambright, III, BFA Painting & Drawing 2018

  55. Kar Mares, Current undergraduate student

  56. KT Hawbaker, MA 2017, NAJ

  57. Kye Kim, Instructional Facility Supervisor, SAIC

  58. Alex Chitty, Adjunct Associate in Printmedia

  59. Seth Stolbun, MFA 2017

  60. Lindsey Jancay, SAIC Alumni MAAP/MAAH

  61. Anna Trier, Assistant Director of Admissions

  62. Catie Rutledge, SAIC Alum, MFA 2018

  63. Amanda Baker, BFA

  64. Hanna Weiby, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2017

  65. Carrie Laski, Academic Advising

  66. Alexandra Thorwarth, Supporter

  67. Junko Okada-Brown, Former student

  68. Liz Born, Alum (BFA 2010)

  69. Janelle Ayana Miller, BFA 2017

  70. Sofia Sanchez, current MA in VCS grad. student

  71. Máire Witt O’Neill, Lecturer, Performance department (MFA Performance 2017)

  72. Ian Martin, Graduate class of 2013

  73. Stone River Mannikko, Student

  74. Alyson Paige Warren, Alumni

  75. Veronica Rosser, SAIC Alum (BFA 2014)

  76. Pratt Black Student Union, Fellow Black students at an Art Institute

  77. Claudine Ise, Lecturer, Painting and Drawing,Graduate Division

  78. Elida Paiz Pineda, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2018

  79. Mariana Rockwell, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2015

  80. Lindsey Barlag Thornton, Assistant Director of Exhibitions, Staff Advisor SITE Galleries, SAIC Alumni MFA 14

  81. Celia Magnone, Chicago community member, UIC graduate student

  82. Alex Oeser, Current Graduate Student

  83. Grace Culloton, SAIC Alumni 2014

  84. Jean Cho, BFA 2019

  85. Sophie Leddick, Alumni

  86. Lia Latty, Former Prospective Student

  87. Douglas Rosman, Lecturer + MFA Alum, Art and Technology Studies Department

  88. Barbie Kim, Undergraduate 2021

  89. Esteban Alarcón, Student / Student worker

  90. Andrew Lorish, Alumni BFA 2007

  91. Sara Zielinski, MFA 2021

  92. Scawah, BFA 2021, peer mentor, student worker in Admissions, Sullivan Gallery, and Photo Facilities, Writer for F News,

  93. Addison leon, Current undergrad and student worker

  94. Lillian Freemond, Current Undergraduate Student

  95. Corey Smith, Graduate Student

  96. Nancy Gildart, Ex Assistant Director, CAPX (BFA 1998, MFA 2000)

  97. Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson, SAIC alumna, BFA 2009

  98. Gabrielle Thompson, Alumni

  99. Rachel Niffenegger, Faculty and alum (BFA 2008)

  100. Korynn Newville, Graduate of Master of Architecture

  101. Matt Brown, Current MFA Student

  102. Camilla Caldwell, Undergraduate Class of 2021

  103. Carson Killgrove, Alumni; I had to leave SAIC after my first year because SAIC would not give me the financial support I needed to continue with my education

  104. Joelle Clapier, Alum (BFA 2020)

  105. Leslie Rutt, Former staff member

  106. Jessica Pierotti, Adjunct Lecturer 2017-2020

  107. Molly Blumberg, MFA 2020, fiber & material studies

  108. Zoe Butler, Current Undergraduate Student

  109. Paris F. Jomadiao, Alumni, MFA Fiber & Material Studies 2018

  110. Natalie Jenks, Alumni, BFA 2020. Former Student Worker.

  111. Dan, Faculty

  112. Fola Akinde, Current undergraduate student and student worker

  113. Grace Lillash, Current undergraduate student

  114. Jess Cadwell, Alumni

  115. Jay Jung, Interdisciplinary undergraduate & Student worker

  116. Luke Gerace, *former prospective student

  117. Rachael Bos, BFA 2021, Student worker

  118. Zander Raymond, Current Undergraduate BFA ‘22

  119. Lydia Matukaitis, Sophomore, BFA

  120. Elise Schierbeek, SAIC Alumni (BFA 2019)

  121. Nancy Danh Huynh, Undergraduate candidate BFA 2022, Student worker

  122. Ariel Baldwin, Saic alumni, bfa 2014

  123. Paige Carmichael, Supporter!

  124. Louisa Zheng, Alumni (BFA_Arch 2018)

  125. Yuri Yuan, BFA 2019

  126. Hope Wang, Alumni, (BFA 2018)

  127. Marc, supporter

  128. Wendy Robles, Former Student

  129. Kaitlin Weed, Saic Undergraduate (last semester)

  130. Sammi Hom, Alumni (BFAW 2020), former student worker

  131. Anastasia Gladkova, current undergraduate, student worker

  132. Kali Heitholt, Alumni - BFA 2009

  133. Nathan Koranda, Current undergraduate student

  134. Nori April Retherford, Alumni

  135. Esther Kang, Alum

  136. Kyra lehman, Alumni

  137. Troy Briggs, Assistant Professor Adj.

  138. Adelaide Price, Student

  139. Candice Block, Alumni 2020 MAATC

  140. Will Weygint, Artist/friend of staff

  141. Laura Gordon, Alumni, BFA 2015

  142. Austin Childers, Alum

  143. Jennifer Dentel, Staff - International Affairsnor

  144. Cathy Hsiao, MFA 2017, Fibers & Material Studies, CAPX employee 2016-17, Instructor ACE, Portfolio Review

  145. Kristi McGuire, Associate Professor, Adj. + Grad Director, VCS (MFA/MA 2010)

  146. Guanyu Xu, SAIC Alum 2019

  147. Valentina Zamfirescu, BFA 2013

  148. Emma rose Gudewicz, Alumni

  149. Elizabeth Dietrich, Student

  150. Sarah Ross, Assistant Professor, Art Education

  151. Maia Alfaro, Alumni

  152. Annie McDuffie, former student

  153. Rohan, Alumni

  154. Alex Fuchs, Current Undergrad (BFAAE 2022), student worker in Photo Facilities

  155. Denise Majka, former MA student in Art Therapy and Counseling

  156. Amber Hawk Swanson, MFA, Studio Art, 2006

  157. Kyle Bellucci Johanson, lecturer, CP

  158. Alex Dahm, Continuing Studies Instructor, BFA 2014

  159. Tor Warren, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2020

  160. Aiden Guerette, Current undergrad student

  161. Anna Godfrey, Current Student

  162. Zachary Hutchinson, Alumni 2015

  163. Terrell Davis, BFA 2020, Former RA, Student Graphic Designer for Campus Life & Co-Leader of the SAIC Black Student Union

  164. r. clarke-davis, associate professor

  165. Krystal DiFronzo, Former staff member and Alumni 2012)

  166. Colleen Marino, Supporter of Students, Faculty, and Staff

  167. Christopher Gambino, Alumni

  168. Emily Martin, Current Graduate Student and Student Worker

  169. Max Ross, Current Undergraduate Student and Student Admissions Worker

  170. Chrissy Swartz, supporter

  171. Jackie Schrauger, Supporter

  172. Abe Lampert, Alumni

  173. Akeem Martin, concerned public

  174. Elaine Heppner, undergrad student

  175. Austin White, Undergraduate Alumni, BFA 2018

  176. Flora Montes, Supporter

  177. Rachel Machtinger, Supporter

  178. Matt Ryerse, Current undergrad student

  179. Letitia Pratt, Current Grad Student, Writing

  180. Erika Witt, Friend was employed there.

  181. sami, friend with students

  182. Jason hunt, student

  183. Jadzia Floyd, Undergrad 2020, former student worker

  184. SJ Lee, Alumni

  185. Callie Spiros, Alumni

  186. Kevin, Student/ Student worker

  187. Vivian Brockman, Alumni (BA VCS 2020), student worker

  188. Virgo Batty, Current BFA Student

  189. Ori Hamburg, Current Student (BFA 2021)

  190. Jillian Musielak, BFA 2009, MFA 2018

  191. Jenny Dally, Alumna

  192. Emily Riesbeck, supporter

  193. Jorge Ramos, Student

  194. Ellie Somers, Student

  195. Kristine Woods, Alum 2002

  196. Laura haldane, MFA Graduate Student Photography Department

  197. Jenni Sitompul, Current Undergrad Student

  198. Kelsey Hawk, Alumni, BFA-AH 2013

  199. Molly Pattison, MFA 2016 Ceramics

  200. Elizabeth Keough, Student

  201. Blake Drinen, Current Undergraduate Student, Resident Advisor

  202. Christina M, BFA 2022

  203. Mari Miller, BFA 2009

  204. Jeff Lee, Current Student 2023

  205. Cassidy Early, Alumni MFA PTDW '20

  206. Heather Phillips, Alumni, MAAT 2004

  207. Michelle LaPlante, BFA 2014

  208. Risa Hricovsky, SAIC Alumni, MFA 2016

  209. Ian Wylie Hedrick, “You should have thought harder about what you could afford before coming here” - Advisor of Financial Aid Counseling; college dropout, AIADO

  210. Elk Paauw, MAVCS Graduate, 2020

  211. Sue Shon, SAIC Alumni, MA 2008

  212. Chia Chun Huang, current undergraduate student

  213. Jeni Crone, BFA 2010, CPS Art Teacher

  214. Jebney Miguel Lewis, Former MFA Student, supporter

  215. Margaret Kearney,MAAE 2013

  216. alisa, Student

  217. Alex J Keller, Facilities manager. (MFA PTDW ‘19

  218. Polly Peng, Current undergrad student/student worker

  219. Hannah H, Student

  220. Lizette, Supporter

  221. Sophia Shin, Current undergraduate student

  222. Andrea Hunt, M. Architecture 2019

  223. Natalia Castro, former Res Life employee, BFA 2017

  224. Roshini Agarwal, Admissions Student Ambassador, BFA 2022

  225. Samantha Reed, Supporter

  226. Janet Han, BFA 2020

  227. Yash Rastogi, Alumni, BFA 2018

  228. Joey Scher, BFA 2018

  229. Kelsey Choo, Alumni

  230. Amelia Granda, Former student

  231. Pei Ongpipattanakul,

  232. Former TA in the CP Department (BAVCS 2018)

  233. Jamie Chen, Current Undergraduate Student

  234. Eliana Ben-Dov, Current undergrad

  235. Juan, Alumni

  236. Jacqueline Sartore, Alumni

  237. Jameson Paige, SAIC Alumni, MAHA 2018

  238. Annelies Kamen, alumna

  239. Josie Fillat, SAIC alumni

  240. James Kerley, Alumni BFA 2018

  241. Haylie Jimenez, Alumni

  242. Cy McGourty, BFA Alumni 2020

  243. Ryan Bongo, BFA Alumni 2017

  244. Spenser Bower, Current Undergrad Student

  245. Isabella Blewett-Raby, SAIC Alum

  246. Caitlin Cherry, Alum BFA 2010

  247. Jesse bond, Current student

  248. Stella Kwoun, Student worker, current student

  249. Salome Chasnoff, BFA Program Director in Art Education, Lecturer

  250. Sinéad Cleary, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2020

  251. Carmen Luz Corredor, Administrative Assistant, BFAW '17

  252. Syd Davis, Current Undergrad (BFA 2020)

  253. Cass Fuller, Alumni, BFA, former Continuing Studies faculty

  254. Miriam Dubinsky, Alumni (BFA 2012) and former staff

  255. Siobahn Schuck, Alumni (BFA 2018)

  256. Olivia Canny, MANAJ Student, News Editor at F Newsmagazine

  257. Darien Ridenour, BFA 2022, IRFM student worker

  258. Nyugen Smith, ALUMNI’16 Low-Res

  259. Rachel Hill, Alumni

  260. Claire Ashley, Alumni and Full Professor Adjunct, CP/PTDW, SAIC

  261. Nicole S, BFA 2016

  262. Gabriel Chalfin-Piney, MAAAP Graduate 2020

  263. Janani Nathan, Alum

  264. Carlos J. Cruz, Former student, friend, and supporter

  265. Simon Attwood, Current student, Student Worker

  266. Jamie Farney, Alumni

  267. Jiesan Lin, BFA 2021 AIADO and Student Worker

  268. Toisha Tucker, Former student

  269. Molly Colleen O'Connell, PTDW & CS lecturer, MFA alumni 2017

  270. Anna Martine Whitehead, Assistant Professor, Adjunct

  271. Nathan Rennich, M.Arch Alum 2019, Potential AIADO Lecturer for Fall 2020

  272. Julia Hornedo, SAIC BFA 2020

  273. Nicole Holmberg, Undergrad Student

  274. Brian Berk, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2020

  275. Libby Johnson, SAIC Alumni, MAATC 2020

  276. Paloma Valencia, BFA 2019, 2019 Station Manager of Free Radio SAIC

  277. Bynn Shen, Current undergrad student

  278. Heejin Koo, BFA Alumni

  279. Anne Harris, Associate Professor, PTDW

  280. Bárbara Baron, Master of Fine Arts, 2022

  281. Meg Duguid, Alumni, BFA 1999

  282. Haomin Peng, Student

  283. Bridget Bilbo, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2019

  284. Daniel Brookman, BFA

  285. Maya Catlin, Student

  286. Lex Chilson, BFAW 2023

  287. Michelle Suh, SAIC undergrad/student ambassador

  288. Michael Anderson, Rising Freshman

  289. Philip von Zweck, BFA 95, former staff, former faculty

  290. Zachary Fontenot, BFA 2019

  291. Sarah Foret, Fashion Design Alum '20

  292. Emma Aguilera, undergrad

  293. lori-may orillo, bfa aiado/ceramics alumna and special collections assist at the joan flasch

  294. Clara Davis, Current early college program student

  295. Joseph Lin, Supporter

  296. Elisabeth Hagemann, Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator

  297. Angeliki Tsoli, Alumni - MFA18’ Performance

  298. Adam Brooks, MFA 1988

  299. Kamile Eidukeviciute, Alumni BFA 2020

  300. Nicole F, Student

  1. Andrea Carlos, Speaking for a student of SAIC

  2. Leonardo Giron, Supporter

  3. Jesse Wyss, BFA 1998, PBAE 2002, former staff member

  4. Maya Ortiz Saucedo, Supporter

  5. Etta Sandry, Alumni

  6. Jamie Cernek, Chicago resident and community supporter

  7. Lily Vincent, Current BFAAE student

  8. Lynnette Miranda, SAIC Alumni (BFA 2010), Program Director at United States Artists

  9. Lalita Jackson, 2020 undergrad

  10. Brian Taylor, SAIC alumni: BFA 1999

  11. Sharon Pak, Alumni (BFA/BAVCS 2016)

  12. Angie Perrin, My sister from anuddah mister.

  13. Maru Attwood, Supporter

  14. Tamar Mason, Parent of current undergrad student.

  15. Sarah Belknap, Assistant Professor, Adj. Department of Contemporary Practices / Artbash Coordinator / MFA 2010

  16. Joseph Belknap, Assistant Professor, Adj. Department of Contemporary Practices / Faculty Senator, Faculty Business Senate / MFA 2009

  17. Allen Carrillo, Supporter

  18. Asher Leahy, Current Undergrad Student

  19. Elana, Supporter

  20. Galya Faye, Current student

  21. Matt Savitt, High school intern

  22. Madeline Carmona, Supporter

  23. Annika Mellies, Current Student (undergrad transfer)

  24. Melissa Oresky, SAIC Alumni- BFA 1996, Professor, Wonsook Kim School of Art, Illinois State University

  25. Aliyah V, supporter

  26. C. C. Ann Chen, Associate Professor, Adjunct; MFA PTDW 2002

  27. Emma Rand, Alumni

  28. Sophia Pierre, current BFA undergrad

  29. Courtney Cintron, Alum

  30. Molly Emrick, Graduate

  31. Isabella Taylor, Friend of current students

  32. Nicole Chaput, BFA, 2018. Alumn.

  33. David Garcia, SAIC BFA

  34. Clara Mikhail, Friend of a Student

  35. Brigid, Student

  36. Angela, Undergraduate

  37. Solène Roullier, Current Undergraduate Student

  38. Brandon Alvendia, BFA (2003), Instructor, Arts Admistration & Policy

  39. Adriana Kuri Alamillo, SAIC Alum (Art History, Fiber & Material Studies)

  40. Luca Donaldson, BFA 2020

  41. Steve Amos, Lecturer, Contemporary Practices

  42. Sachi Clark, 2020 SAIC Alumni

  43. Tempestt Hazel, Visiting Curator/Speaker, Artist Supporter

  44. Bel Tee-Graziose, current undergraduate student, viscom 2021

  45. Miri Phelps, Part Time Lecturer, Sculpture

  46. Irina Zadov, Alumni (MAT 2005)

  47. Patty M, Supporter

  48. Kathryn Drury, Alumni (MFA Printmedia 2012)

  49. Samuel Patrick F. Donnell, Current SAIC Student

  50. Michelle Harris, Alumi/former staff/former professor

  51. Paulina Camacho Valencia, SAIC Alumni MAT 2012

  52. Jimmie Swaggerty, Senior Admin Director, Fashion Design

  53. Christine Shallenberg, Assistant Professor, Adj. Art and Technology Studies & Contemporary Practices

  54. Nicki Porter, Alumni

  55. Liz Medoff, BAVCS ‘10 and MAVCS ‘12, and former staff member

  56. Cecilia Beaven, Alumni, Lecturer

  57. Abbey Monsalud, Graduate Student

  58. Daisy McManaman, Alumni MFA Fiber 2018

  59. Becca Thomas, Fiber and Material Studies MFA Alumni - 2019

  60. Antje Gamble, SAIC Alumna, MAAH 2008

  61. Chris Dobson, Student

  62. Josh Sellers, Current Undergrad

  63. Christian Ortiz, Lecturer, Fiber and Materials Studies, MFA Alumni 2017

  64. Andrew Falkowski, Asst Professor, Painting and Drawing

  65. Sophie, Graduate (2013-2017)

  66. Nayis II, SAIC alumni

  67. Rochele Royster, Alumni and Lecturer

  68. Lucija Drake, Undergraduate Student

  69. Katie Williams, MFA Student (Visual Communication Design)

  70. Linnea Martin, friend

  71. Katie Chung, Alumni

  72. Ilai Gilbert, Current Undergrad, Station Manager at FreeRadio SAIC, Web Developer at Fnewsmagazine

  73. Haley, Alumni AIADO BFA 2019

  74. Harrison Wyrick, Student/Student Worker

  75. Alison Kim, Alumni

  76. Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Former Adjunct Assistant Professor

  77. Ross Jordan, MA 2013

  78. Katie Waddell, Alumni

  79. Ryan Richey, SAIC Alumni MFA Painting 2008

  80. Matt Mehlan, Lecturer

  81. David Schmelzer, Alumni, BFA 2007

  82. D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem, SAIC, Associate Professor, Adjunct; LRMFA, ARTHI

  83. Emilie robinson, senior undergraduate student

  84. Alex Zak, Alumni, BFA & BAVCS 2012

  85. Jeffrey Sanderson, Community member and supporter

  86. Brendan Getz, SAIC Alumni MFA 2018

  87. Molly Duggan, SAIC Alumni MFA 2017

  88. Marya Spont-Lemus, Chicago community member

  89. Gabrielle, Student

  90. Katie Grey Walker, BFA 2013

  91. Zakkiyyah Najeebah Dumas O'neal, supporter

  92. Vincent Kim, Student

  93. Liu Liu, SAIC Alum 2018

  94. Nat Ware, Current Undergrad Student

  95. Matt Austin, Former Adjunct

  96. Aubrey Fisch, SAIC alumni, BFA 2015

  97. Fabrizzio Subia, Alum

  98. Hal Martin, Alumni

  99. Sarah Benning, BFA 2013

  100. Kelsey Denvir, Graduate

  101. Mila Sall, Current Undergrad

  102. Sarah Urban, Student

  103. Tatiana Sky, Alumni

  104. margo o'neill, student

  105. Anthony Hamilton, Partner works in the building

  106. Mindy Lee, Current undergraduate student

  107. Lindsay Hutchens, MFA Photography and MA Visual Critical Studies

  108. Benjamin Larose, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

  109. Jackie S, student

  110. Susan Mackey, Alumnus

  111. Jacqueline Surdell, 2017 MFA alumni

  112. Paul Edgardo Perez, Alumni

  113. Yewon Kwon, SAIC Alumni, BFA 2013

  114. Rebecca A Keller, faculty

  115. Katriel Recepcion, student

  116. Mary Patten, Professor

  117. Michael Hughes, Supporter / parent of Alumni

  118. Oli Rodriguez, alumni, teach in summer for ECP

  119. Jefferson Dakota Brown, Lecturer, Art History / Viscom

  120. Saskya Fun Sang, Alumni, BFA 2016 / MAAE 2019

  121. Courtney Cintron, Alum, 2017

  122. Wendy Spacek, Alumni

  123. Hinda Seif, Community Supporter

  124. Paige Moyer, Supporter

  125. Darshita Jain, Alumni

  126. Alejandro Medina, Prospective Student

  127. Melissa Raman Molitor, Associate Professor, Adj.

  128. Mia, Current undergrad; student worker

  129. Elena Ailes, Assistant Professor, Adjunct (MFA Sculpture, MA VCS)

  130. Amanda Sanabira, Current student

  131. Joseph Altshuler, Assistant Professor, Adjunct, AIADO

  132. Maggie Wong, Lecturer, Alumni MFA 2018, former staff

  133. Natasha Mijares, Class of 2017

  134. Lizi Breit, alum, BFA 2010

  135. Adriana Guillèn, 5th year Undergraduate Student

  136. Elisabeth Hagemann, Staff

  137. Meghan Borah, Alumna, MFA, 2017

  138. Gabrielle Christiansen, current graduate student

  139. John Henley, Associate Professor,Adj.

  140. Eryka Dellenbach, MFA Film/FVMMA 2017

  141. Emma Taylor, Undergraduate Student

  142. Simone Quiles, Saic Alumni